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Usage and application

A single application runs for 45 seconds per ear and is typically sufficient. If there's still moisture, or your ears do not feel dry, you can repeat the process as needed. Remember, you can also halt the drying process at any time.

For adults, if your ears do not feel sufficiently dry after the initial use, you can reapply up to three times. For children, we recommend a maximum of two applications.

Use the earbreeze DRY whenever you feel moisture in your ear canal, such as after showering or engaging in water sports.

Yes, the earbreeze DRY can be used without hesitation for any age. The air speed generated by the device can be adjusted in three stages depending on sensitivity. This means that the earbreeze DRY can be used by the entire family: from infants to seniors.

Yes, it is safe for all ages. The earbreeze DRY is CE certified and meets all necessary standards.


The highlight of earbreeze DRY is a specially shaped ear piece and the internationally patented nozzle shape. The heart of the earbreeze is a "tongue" that swirls the airflow, which can reach a maximum temperature of 39°. This gently reaches the entire external auditory canal. The air enriched with residual moisture then flows out through the earpiece in a controlled manner. The original from Austria, dries ears easily, gently and quickly, while protecting the eardrum.

Safety and hygiene

Yes, the earbreeze DRY can be used safely for all human ears and age groups. In order to accommodate the different sizes and shapes of the external auditory canals, users have two differently sized earpieces at their disposal. These can be easily exchanged and cleaned.

Yes. The only piece that comes in contact with your is the removeable ear piece. The earpieces can be easily replaced and cleaned. Addtionally, the earbreeze DRY complete comes with four additional, uniquely marked ear pieces for multiple users.

The earbreeze DRY is CE certified and meets all necessary standards. Feel free to use the earbreeze DRY daily to ensure your ears are left safe, healthy, and dry.

We would recommending consulting your ENT physician before using the earbreeze DRY.

No, earbreeze DRY is completely natural and works simply with warm air. There are no direct side effects.

In this case, we would recommend not using the device. Please consult an ENT physician and ask when you can use the device again.

Please consult your ENT physician before using earbreeze DRY.

Concerns and clarifications

earbreeze DRY was launched in the fall of 2021 - so it is still relatively new. We have presented earbreeze DRY in numerous specialist media for ENT physicians, pediatricians and general practitioners, as well as to diving physicians at congresses and specialist symposia. It will certainly take some time before all ENTs in Austria and Germany are aware of earbreeze DRY. But we are doing our best to provide information quickly and comprehensively.

The earbreeze DRY has been for sale by two major hearing aid acousticians since the beginning of 2022. It is offered to customers who have problems with moisture in the ear, as well as used in the fitting of hearing aids. For hearing aid wearers, there are two main problem areas - one is the ear, where inflammation can form. An in-ear hearing aid seals the ear canal reasonably tightly - this is where moisture build-up can occur and the moisture provides an ideal environment for inflammation. Furthermore, the sensitive electronics of the hearing aid are susceptible to defects due to moisture, which can sometimes make expensive repairs necessary. In this respect, gently draining the ear protects both - the ear and the hearing aid.

With its handy size, integrated rechargeable battery and water-repellent transport case, earbreeze DRY is the ideal companion for on the go. For athletes, we recommend the earbreeze DRY compact.

No, earbreeze DRY cannot remove earwax from your ears. It is not meant to be a cleaning device for the ears.

With earbreeze DRY complete, users have two different sized earpieces - three size L earpieces and two size S earpieces. But all earpieces can be used with the same device. The earpieces have color coding so that everyone can quickly find their preferred earpiece.

General information and recommendations

The earbreeze DRY is intended for prevention before inflammation occurs. What we've observed is this: if you truly spend a significant amount of time in the water – such as during a swimming course or when taking infants swimming – it's a good practice to first rinse the ear with clean water and then dry it. If you swim multiple times a week or regularly go diving, it's usually not a question of if you'll get an ear canal infection, but rather when.

When water enters the ear canal, in some instances, a small amount of residual moisture can remain, causing an uncomfortable sensation. This delicate area between the outer ear and the eardrum becomes more susceptible as a result, allowing bacteria and germs to multiply more easily. Hence, it is important to keep your ears dry and healthy.

Yes. earbreeze DRY was specifically designed for individuals who want to naturally prevent uncomfortable and painful ear and ear canal issues.

Absolutely! The earbreeze DRY is a proactive solution designed to prioritize your ear health. If you're someone who often finds themselves in water - whether through swimming, diving, or even frequent showers - the risk of ear infections is real. By using the earbreeze DRY, you're not just drying your ears, but actively taking a step towards preventing potential inflammations. With the knowledge you now possess, investing in earbreeze DRY is a clear choice for optimal ear health.

Product information and differences

All experts agree that cotton swabs should not be used. The skin softened by water can be easily injured by their application. Moreover, cotton swabs push bacteria and earwax deeper into the ear, rather than cleaning it, let alone drying it.

A standard hair dryer is too hot, too powerful, and too loud. The airflow directly hits the eardrum, which can cause pain. Excessive heat can lead to a burn of the outer ear, while on the other hand, excessive cold can induce dizziness.

The main difference is the packaging. The earbreeze DRY compact is intended for individual users and comes with a convenient travel pouch. The earbreeze DRY complete is supplied with four additional tips and a larger case suitable for the whole family.

Sicherheit und Hygiene

Das Gerät wurde für die Anwendung in geschlossenen Räumen und in der freien Natur entwickelt.  Mit seiner handlichen Größe, dem integrierten Akku und dem wasserabweisenden Transport-Case ist der earbreeze DRY der ideale Begleiter für unterwegs.

Der Hauptunterschied ist die Verpackung. Der earbreeze DRY compact ist für Einzelnutzer gedacht und hat eine praktische Transporttasche für unterwegs. Der earbreeze DRY complete wird mit vier zusätzlichen Spitzen und einem größeren Etui für die ganze Familie geliefert.

Gelangt Wasser in den Gehörgang, bleibt in manchen Fällen eine kleine Menge Restfeuchtigkeit darin zurück und verursacht ein unangenehmes Gefühl. Der empfindliche Bereich zwischen Ohrmuschel und Trommelfell wird dadurch aber auch anfälliger und Bakterien und Keime können sich leichter vermehren.

Eine Anwendung dauert 45 Sekunden pro Ohr und ist im Normalfall ausreichend. Sollte eine Anwendung aufgrund einer größeren Flüssigkeitsmenge nicht ausreichen, kann der Vorgang beliebig wiederholt werden. Der Trocknungsvorgang kann aber auch jederzeit beendet werden.

Ja, der earbreeze DRY ist für alle menschlichen Ohren und Altersklassen unbedenklich anwendbar.  Um den unterschiedlichen Größen und Ausprägungen der äußeren Gehörgänge gerecht zu werden, stehen den Anwendern zwei verschieden große Ohrstücke zur Verfügung. Diese können einfach ausgetauscht und gereinigt werden.

Ja, der earbreeze DRY ist bedenkenlos ab dem Babyalter anwendbar. Die vom Gerät erzeugte Luftgeschwindigkeit kann je nach Empfindlichkeit in drei Stufen verstellt werden. So kann der earbreeze DRY von der gesamten Familie genutzt werden: vom Säugling bis zum Golden Ager.

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