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Die earbreeze GmbH ist Teil der IRMA Gruppe und wurde 2017 gegründet. Ausgehend von persönlichen Erfahrungen des Gründers und Entwicklers Martin Kurschel bietet das Unternehmen seit Sommer 2021 mit dem earbreeze.dry eine sanfte, aber effektive Lösung für das breite Thema „Wasser in den Ohren“.

Wir sind ein kleines, aber wachsendes Team an den Standorten Wolkersdorf, Wien und Wiener Neudorf.


earbreeze dry was developed and realised by technical experts working in partnership with leading universities and research institutes.

Guided by the latest scientific and medical findings, the device was designed to meet the precise practical needs of potential users. In this way, a uniquely gentle and efficient innovation to dry ears safely was produced – and was awarded with international patent protection.

The main feature of earbreeze dry is the specially shaped earpiece and the internationally patented nozzle design. At the heart of the nozzle is a ‘tongue’ which delivers a swirling flow of air at body temperature. The warm air is gently directed to the whole of the outer auditory canal. The air carrying residual moisture then flows back out through the earpiece in a controlled manner.

The Austrian original: dries ears quickly, smoothly and easily while protecting your eardrums.

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Franz Renkin


Rudolf Mayrhofer-Grünbühel

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