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earbreeze DRY was developed and realised by technical experts working in partnership with leading universities and research institutes.

Guided by the latest scientific and medical findings, the device was designed to meet the precise practical needs of potential users. In this way, a uniquely gentle and efficient innovation to dry ears safely was produced – and was awarded with international patent protection.

The main feature of earbreeze DRY is the specially shaped earpiece and the internationally patented nozzle design. At the heart of the nozzle is a ‘tongue’ which delivers a swirling flow of air at body temperature. The warm air is gently directed to the whole of the outer auditory canal. The air carrying residual moisture then flows back out through the earpiece in a controlled manner.

The Austrian original: dries ears quickly, smoothly and easily while protecting your eardrums.

Our Mission

At earbreeze, our mission is to empower individuals to maintain optimal ear health and prevent ear infections by providing innovative and effective ear care products and education. We believe that dry ears are a key factor in preventing ear infections and we are dedicated to educating and equipping our customers with the tools to achieve and maintain dry and healthy ears. We strive to bring respect to the ear and help people to understand the importance of proper ear care.



Our Vision

Our vision at earbreeze is to become the leading provider of ear care products and education worldwide, revolutionizing the way people think about ear health and the ear in general. We aim to raise awareness about the importance of proper ear care. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we will change the way the world cares for their ears and improve the overall health and well-being of individuals everywhere.




Who we are 

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Authorized commercial director for trading medical products. Sales and marketing expert at companies such as Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and other big players. Responsible for growth and product diversity in the national and international area.

Rudolf Mayrhofer-Grünbühel

Managing Director

A veteran of the mobile communications industry, with the most important professional positions at Samsung, Drei, Red Bull Mobile, LG, and Ingram Micro. For earbreeze, he is responsible for the operations area - technology, product management, purchasing, and SCM and brings his sales expertise excellently.

Peter Müller

Operations Director

ENT and diving doctor with practice in Brunn am Gebirge and attending physician at the private clinic Döbling. Experienced diver with more than 1500 dives. Contributes his decades of experience as a doctor as Medical Adviser of earbreeze.

Prof. Dr. med. Michael "Fox" Schröckenfuchs

Medical Advisor
External Team Member

Not only as CEO, managing director under commercial law and owner of the IRMA Group, but also as inventor of earbreeze.dry, due to personal experiences as a triathlete, and important idea generator particularly closely connected with earbreeze.

Martin Kurschel


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