earbreeze dry compact
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With the earbreeze DRY compact, athletes can now dry their ears easily, quickly and gently.

Wet ears after showering, bathing, swimming or watersports?
Enjoy gentle and quick ear drying using a specially directed flow of warm air.
Gently removes residual moisture out of the ear.

earbreeze DRY compact
For every water sport

The earbreeze DRY compact is perfect for all water athletes and divers. With its space-saving packaging, it is the ideal companion for every athelete who travels a lot. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the earbreeze DRY compact is quick and easy to use.

The earbreeze DRY compact fights against swimmers ear and keeps your ears dry and clean.

The air speed generated by the device can also be adjusted in three stages depending on the sensitivity. The earbreeze DRY compact can be used by any athlete of any age.

Easy, clean, and safe

World champion (400m) Felix Auböck
explains the earbreeze dry


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