earbreeze CARE
Purifies - soothes - protects

100% natural

earbreeze® CARE protect
  • Premium, pure jojoba oil combined with plant extracts from organic lavandin, marigold, and cardamom soothes the skin and keeps the ear canal skin smooth.
  • The nourishing oils create a protective film that shields against the adverse effects of water or sweat, thus preventing inflammation.
  • This allows the liquid to run off the skin, helping it dry faster..

earbreeze® CARE relax

  • Pure plant-based hydrosols from rose and neroli, along with pure aloe vera, moisturize and soothe stressed, itchy ear canals, providing the skin within the ear with valuable nutrients..
  • earbreeze CARE relax cleanses and soothes the outer ear canal, effectively countering inflammation and itchiness.

Evolving demands on our ears over time

Ears prefer a warm, dry, and ventilated environment. The rise of mainstream sports, daily personal hygiene routines, and technological advancements have dramatically changed how we care for our ears. What was once a largely self-maintaining organ is now exposed to environmental factors that unduly strain both the ears and the ear canal. earbreeze CARE was crafted specifically for those seeking a natural solution to prevent discomfort and painful issues related to the ear and its canal.

Natural care for the ears

Protect, before infections occur

Natural ingredients

Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and marigold provide premium and purely natural care for the ear canal, guarding against inflammation.

Protective film technology

Creates a light protective barrier in the outer ear canal that, when in contact with water and other stresses, shields the skin and prevents inflammation.

User friendly

Simply tilt your head gently to the side and drop 2-3 drops into the ear - ideal for water sports enthusiasts, children, and users of in-ear devices, headphones, and hearing aids.

earbreeze CARE protect Produkt

A natural rest for the ears

Soothes, cleanses and regenerates

earbreeze CARE relax Produkt

Soothing ingredients

With aloe vera, orange blossom, and rose hydrosols for premium and purely natural care, offering soothing relief for stressed ears.

Hydration care

Effectively moisturizes the outer ear canal, supports skin regeneration, and protects against itchiness and inflammation.

Versatile use

Ideal for users of in-ear devices, hearing aids, water sports enthusiasts, and children - it cleanses and calms irritated skin after water exposure or prolonged wear of devices.

Die Revolution der Ohrpflege

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