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earbreeze DRY warm-air ear drier the complete device for the whole family for drying your ears. Simple and gentle with its patented ear piece.

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No more ear dampness

Whether you have been showering, bathing, swimming or playing water sports:

earbreeze DRY is for anyone whose ears come into contact with water. With its innovative technology, earbreeze DRY quickly and safely dries the auditory canal by removing residual moisture.

earbreeze DRY is particularly recommend for children, water sports enthusiasts and anyone experiencing problems with residual moisture in the outer auditory canal or persistent ear infections.

To fit external auditory canals of varying shapes and sizes, users can choose from two different earpieces, which are easy to exchange and clean.

Moreover, the speed of the air flow generated by the device can be adjusted in three stages according to user sensitivity. earbreeze DRY is therefore ideal for the whole family: from newborns to seniors.



  • Patented nozzle design
    Dry the auditory canal gently and quickly with a specially directed flow of warm air which is kind to your eardrums and reduces residual moisture.
  • Suitable for multiple users
    Exchangeable earpieces in two different sizes make earbreeze suitable for multiple users.
  • Ideal on the move
    Thanks to its convenient size, integrated system battery and water-repellent case, earbreeze.dry is easy to take out and about.
  • Space-saving, ideal for travel bags and sports bags
  • Universal USB-C charging plug (charging cable included: USB-A -> USB-C)
  • Exchangeable earpieces for individual drying
  • Colour: White/orange
  • Basic earbreeze.dry unit with integrated battery
    Protective cap
  • Small earpieces: 2 sets
  • Large earpieces: 3 sets (one set is already installed on the device)
  • Charging cable with USB-C and USB-A connectors
  • Instruction manual (in four languages: DE-EN-IT-FR)
  • Carrying bag
  • Length: 6 cm
  • Depth: 23.5 cm
  • Width: 15.5 cm
  • Net weight (device plus case, earpieces, instructions and charging cable): 588 g
  • Gross weight (device plus packaging): 531 g
  • Article no. EBD.101
  • GTIN 9180002890012
Patented earpiece
Austrian innovation
Rechargeable battery
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